We Speak Your Language

MegaPath knows that even if most people don’t understand the terms we use daily—such as VoIP, QoS, Botnets, SSL, and Hookflash—they do understand the need for reliable communications, network security, and technology in today’s business environment.

MegaPath talks the tech talk and walks the tech walk. To drive this point home, we invited video makers, IT professionals, and MegaPath partners to have some fun while creating brief videos that feature our industry’s technical jargon to help people know who we are, what we do, and that we know our stuff. Watch our own video to demonstrate the creative brief.

Below are some of the videos that captured our attention and put a creative spin on the terminology we use daily.

Featured Winning Videos

Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap

By: happyjoel
Grand Prize

I'm IT

By: kbloom
2nd Place

Goin’ Vishing

By: cheapsils
3rd Place

Tech Tales

By: CoreySheppard
4th Place

Lucius Arnold Returns

By: briandkatz
5th Place

Tech Jargon Swarm

By: subversionz
6th Place

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