Our Core Layers

MegaPath boasts of a nation-wide, three-layered, state-of-the-art network custom built to address the increasingly demanding customer connectivity and virtual solution needs. Scalability, Reliability and Availability are the three pillars of excellence on which MegaPath’s network is designed and built.

Physical Layer

At the bottom physical layer, MegaPath built an optical (dark and lit fiber) redundant backbone that connects our key markets in multiple physical paths for redundancy and scalability. MegaPath’s constant pursuit of higher bandwidth and fewer hops between markets will only keep fortifying this tier.

Data Layer

At the data layer, MegaPath has built an Ethernet-enabled core that connects the 50 major markets that constitute MegaPath’s on-net footprint. Using this feature rich Ethernet transport mechanism MegaPath can now offer homogenous Ethernet solutions between end-user sites while providing redundant and traffic-engineered switched paths for the customer traffic. Since the Ethernet core is built using equipment from MEF compliant vendors, the growth, the functionality and enhancements are also future-proofed.

IP Layer

At the IP layer, MegaPath engineered an MPLS-based high-performance telecommunication network that directs and carries data from one network node to the next with the help of labels. As a result, MegaPath offers Class of Service (CoS) capabilities that optimize and prioritize your critical, real-time applications, such as voice and video, while consolidating all of your traffic on a single network. Our nationwide, MPLS-enabled core infrastructure enables MegaPath to engineer network traffic to ensure maximum availability while reducing the number of hops, traversal times, and congestion. A nationwide IP backbone supports thorough redundancy and enough capacity to handle all current customer bandwidth demands and significant future growth.

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