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Customers with Multiple MegaPath Services

Design Electric

"We were struggling to get the speed that we needed at a price we could afford and MegaPath solved that for us. MegaPath Hosted Voice provides us with mobility and collaboration features that traditional phone systems cannot match."
–Peter Nowak, President, Design Electric


"Thanks to MegaPath's cloud-based solutions, our hardware and equipment is now managed off-site within a highly secure environment. ...And if another disaster like Hurricane Sandy occurs, we can still keep the business up and running because our voice and data tools and support are off-premises and redundant."
–Les Kurian, Drew’s Entertainment
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"I recommend MegaPath Hosted Voice to any small-to-medium organization that wants to consolidate its voice system. It is ideal for Playworks because we can be a unified organization across all our offices nationwide. We get one bill for all our voice and data, and calls between locations are free with 4-digit dialing."
–Richard Ng, IT Manager, Playworks
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Customers of MegaPath's Hosted Voice

"With Hosted Voice, we'll save thousands a year in long distance, and since the service is hosted, we'll eliminate all the headaches associated with maintaining phone system hardware in-house. When you combine all these benefits, switching to VoIP rapidly becomes a no-brainer."
–Jon Wells, Director of IT, Pace International
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"We manage a wealth of properties, including more than 5,000 multi-family units, so we couldn't afford to go without a phone system during a lengthy switchover. MegaPath offered the shortest implementation and the best price. Our property managers and other staff appreciate MegaPath Hosted Voice because their calls no longer drop, and the static that was so prevalent on our previous system is nonexistent. We now have unlimited calling, and we're not paying any more than we did for our previous service."
–Karen Campbell, Director of Office Services, Foresite Realty Partners
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Newport Communications Group

"MegaPath Hosted Voice is a much more robust and effective system than a traditional PBX phone system. You get a lot more scalability and a lot more flexibility.... We save on long distance and have the appearance of one unified company, even though we’re spread out."
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"I... appreciate MegaPath's responsive customer support team. They make it clear that they really want our business. It's a refreshing way for a company to deal with customers."
–George Chuzi, Partner, Chuzi & Newman, P.C.
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"Hosted Voice is a great solution. The installation was smooth, we're saving money, we've had virtually no downtime, and the support is excellent. When we had a fire at one of our locations, we were able to forward all calls to employee cell phones in a matter of minutes."
–Shannon LeColst, Director of IT, Risk Strategies
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Customers of MegaPath's Broadband Services

Gorilla Tango Inc.

"With MegaPath, we are able to get full-featured broadband services at a fraction of the cost of inferior services. This is a huge value to a business like ours."
— Dan Abbate, Executive Director and Owner, Gorilla Tango Inc.
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"MegaPath's Ethernet service finally gives us a great alternative to fiber. MegaPath Ethernet gives us the same speed and quality of service as fiber, but at a much lower cost."
–Bill Bice, Managing Partner, Verge Fund
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Channel Partners Who Choose MegaPath for Their Clients

Rocket Science Consulting

"If you're going to replace a phone system today, you're going to replace it with VoIP. And with MegaPath Hosted Voice, the price point is right, the service and support is right – it's pretty much an easy sell."
–Matt McGraw, CEO, Rocket Science Consulting
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"Our agents are focused on staying in tune with the needs of their customers; services such as hosted VoIP, cloud applications, and access. These services are becoming critical to businesses and MegaPath has been ahead of the curve in anticipating the demand."
–Patrick Oborn, Vice President of Marketing, Telarus Inc.
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"We continue to seek new ways to do business with MegaPath because you can count on its staff to deliver top-tier communications with 100 percent security at a very affordable price."
–Adam Fargiano, CEO, Reliacom, LLC
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"My channel managers deal directly with business customers who have high standards for voice/data communications, yet still expect to pay a reasonable price. MegaPath's MPLS network allows us to meet these challenges to ensure continuous, prosperous channel partnerships."
–Ali Niroo, Mid Atlantic Director of Business Development, Converged Network Service Group (CNSG)
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"We’ve found that MegaPath shares our values, as well as our work ethic. And, because it delivers the total range of equipment, services and support that address every conceivable in-demand function – along with quick and painless installation – we see no reason to re-create the same offerings ourselves. Our customers are better served by what MegaPath brings."
–Jim Dainko, President, Fluid Networks
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"(MegaPath's) attention to detail on installation for our customers is incredible. They're very hands-on and their "ease of doing business" makes for a better end-user experience, and that greatly helps us expand our customer base."
–Vince Bradley, CEO, World Telecom Group (WTG)
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