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June 20, 2011
Got PCI? Get an MSS.

The latest version of PCI DSS promises to be a game changer. Unlike previous versions which left certain areas up for interpretation, this year’s update forces retail company security officers to put increased effort into securing the systems that face the greatest risks—this is where the private credit-card data exists, of course.

By S.L. Sweet
Tags: mpls, security, pci-compliance, hipaa, intrusion-prevention
June 13, 2011
Talk Tech! MegaPath Launches Crowdsourcing Marketing Campaign

At MegaPath, we love our tech-speak. So we figured, “Why try to deny who we are? Why not embrace our inner (OK, inner and outer) State of Geekness?” Hence, the driving theme of our new marketing campaign was born.

By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
May 16, 2011
Integrated and Hosted Voice: The Best of Both Worlds

It's no secret that companies are getting increasingly mobile. In fact, there will be more than 1 billion such employees worldwide by the end of this year, according to industry research, and three out of every four U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity within that time frame.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: voip, bandwidth, quality-of-service-(qos), hosted-voice
May 11, 2011
A Better Way to Use Bandwidth

Too many businesses are stuck in traffic these days. We’re not talking about traffic on the highway either. We’re referring to the routine logjams encountered with network operations: You may be reviewing an important Webinar and the screen image goes into a shaky ‘start/stop/start’ routine that’s nearly unwatchable.

By Mike Gruszka
Tags: voip, bandwidth, quality-of-service-(qos)
April 19, 2011
A Deeper Look into VoIP Hacking

You may feel confident in your network security because you do a good job of protecting the enterprise from various attacks and other online-intrusion techniques. But are you equally vigilant when it comes to threats presented by a simple phone call?

By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security, voip-hacking, malware, voip
April 1, 2011
Three Reasons Why Ethernet -- Not T1 -- May Better Serve Your Business

When it's time to renew or add network-access circuits for your business, you may automatically think, "Okay, we'll get a T1." After all, T1s remain reliable and widely available. It’s like putting on an old, familiar sneaker before going out to play tennis: You know it’ll get the job done.

By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: ethernet, t1, bandwidth, broadband
March 11, 2011
Rocket Science Benefits from an Easy Partner Relationship with MegaPath

Rocket Science of San Francisco operates as an outsourced IT department for small businesses, and partner relationships are critical to the company's success. After using the MegaPath Hosted Voice service for its own phone calls, Rocket Science became a MegaPath partner to sell the solution to its own clients.

By Eric Beller
Tags: hosted-voice, voip
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