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7 Reasons To Deploy MPLS In Your Business Network

January 12, 2010

It can be argued that MPLS has been one of the most successful standards to come out of the IETF. It has been very widely deployed by business around the globe, in both small and large networks. If your business hasn’t yet leveraged MPLS, its really time you considered doing so. Here are the 7 Reasons to Deploy MPLS In Your Business Network which you can reference when making your decision:

  1. MPLS Scales – MPLS has been shown to work wonderfully for small businesses with just a few locations as well as in large business enterprise networks consisting of thousands and thousands of sites.
  2. MPLS Is Flexible – MPLS is flexible by design, with separate control and data planes. MPLS has also proven to be very adaptable, allowing new technologies and features to be implemented over existing networks.
  3. MPLS Is Neutral – Private Line, ATM, Frame Relay, DSL or Ethernet, it doesn’t matter. MPLS was designed to handle the multiprotocol nature of current networks, and does so with grace.
  4. MPLS Is Great For VPNs – MPLS has proven to be very adaptable and secure, and this has allowed many businesses to realize better performance while protecting their data.
  5. MPLS Lowers Costs – If you are still trying to manage your business connectivity without using MPLS, there is good news: moving to an MPLS network will allow you to improve your communication services while lowering costs.
  6. MPLS Is Great With VoIP – It’s a marriage made in heaven. Seriously, Voice over MPLS allows you to put the quality back into voice, so that you, your partners and your customers can communicate clearly with each other.
  7. MPLS Is Great For Business – Whether you run a small business or large enterprise, MPLS is a proven technology that is ready to help your business improve its bottom line.

So make 2010 the year your business turned to an MPLS expert, and increased productivity and network survivability while lowering the total cost of ownership of your network.

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