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June 16, 2014
SharePoint and the Benefits of Enterprise Hosted Services

Hosted services such as SharePoint provide enterprise-class communication and collaboration solutions without the costs and issues often associated with managing them in-house.

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By Ross Spero
Tags: SharePoint, managed-services
June 9, 2014
Retail Technology Tips: Use a Solid Network and Big Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Many businesses have discovered the customer service and revenue opportunities that are available when they accurately analyze and leverage big data.

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By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: internet-service-provider, network-performance, infrastructure-as-a-service, voice-and-data, security, pci, pci-compliance, data-protection, credit-card, retail, smb
May 12, 2014
Five Customer-service-related Questions to Ask your Telecom Provider

Be sure to inquire about customer service and support when you are shopping for IT and communications services such as Internet Access, Hosted Voice, Network Security, or Cloud Services for your business.

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By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: internet-service-provider, MegaPath, infrastructure-as-a-service, managed-services-provider, network-performance, network-security
April 21, 2014
What to Look for in a Self-service Billing and Account Management Portal

When you’re evaluating service providers, be sure to ask for a tour of a prospective provider’s customer portal. Having access to online account management tools could help you or your IT administrators get more done, more quickly, serve your internal customers, and uphold your service level agreements.

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By Nitin Poswal
Tags: General, hosted-voice, hosted-voip, log-management, MegaPath Anywhere, office worker, voice, voip, voip-provider
June 18, 2013
‘Plug and Play’ VoIP Installation? No Thanks!

Many VoIP providers just send a box and say “Good luck.” Find out why your business deserves a more personalized approach for installation and service.

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By Paul Marra
Tags: hosted voice, voip, voice
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