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April 21, 2014
What to Look for in a Self-service Billing and Account Management Portal

When you’re evaluating service providers, be sure to ask for a tour of a prospective provider’s customer portal. Having access to online account management tools could help you or your IT administrators get more done, more quickly, serve your internal customers, and uphold your service level agreements.

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By Nitin Poswal
Tags: General, hosted-voice, hosted-voip, log-management, MegaPath Anywhere, office worker, voice, voip, voip-provider
March 11, 2011
Rocket Science Benefits from an Easy Partner Relationship with MegaPath

Rocket Science of San Francisco operates as an outsourced IT department for small businesses, and partner relationships are critical to the company's success. After using the MegaPath Hosted Voice service for its own phone calls, Rocket Science became a MegaPath partner to sell the solution to its own clients.

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By Eric Beller
Tags: hosted-voice, voip
July 23, 2010
How to Become the Network Guide Your Customers Rely On

Every organization depends on broadband connectivity. In 2010, every business is a connected business. These are givens. How you put the network to work in business—to better solve real issues and demands, to stretch the possibilities of providing reliable service, and to ensure your commitments can scale cost-effectively, are real challenges to network performance.

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By Jayne Swystun
Tags: mpls-university, cloud, broadband, connectivity, managed-services, mpls-network, vpn, wan
July 9, 2010
Enabling the Applications-Driven Business with Managed Network Services

Whether it's entering a complex customer order or simply checking email, more business activity is being driven by online access to key data and applications. Yet as that access is getting more important, it is also getting more complicated...

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By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: cloud, mpls, bandwidth, connectivity, managed-services, mpls-network, business-voip, quality-of-service-(qos)
June 10, 2010
4 Quick Thoughts to Share from the MegaPath Channel

There are such great things taking shape in the MegaPath channel program that it is tough to limit today's post to just four quick thoughts. Let's jump right in.

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By Jayne Swystun
Tags: voice, hosted-voip
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