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Blog Archive: Cloud Services

September 8, 2014
Remote IT Support: Get Help Managing and Restoring your Local Area Network

An issue with your LAN can impact the mission-critical business applications you rely on to serve your customers. Now MegaPath can help.

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By Ross Spero
Tags: voice, voip, unified-communications, voice communications
June 30, 2014
Making an Informed Cloud Decision

While it’s clear that downtime costs your business, what some businesses are learning the hard way is that not all Cloud providers have adequate safeguards in place to avoid or prevent outages. Consider these questions to inform your selection of a Cloud provider.

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By Matt Mayhew
Tags: managed-services, data-backup, data-storage
June 16, 2014
SharePoint and the Benefits of Enterprise Hosted Services

Hosted services such as SharePoint provide enterprise-class communication and collaboration solutions without the costs and issues often associated with managing them in-house.

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By Ross Spero
Tags: SharePoint, managed-services
December 16, 2013
Cloud Computing - One Size Does Not Fit All

Right-sizing server infrastructure for the optimal balance of cost and performance need not involve guesswork.

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By Ross Spero
Tags: cloud
December 2, 2013
Top 5 Technology Concerns for Retailers

Retailers gearing up to take further advantage of customer intelligence, mobility-based loyalty programs, and other trending retail technologies need a secure and reliable business network at the core.

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By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: network, security, security-as-a-service, managed-security
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