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May 11, 2011
By Mike Gruszka

A Better Way to Use Bandwidth

Too many businesses are stuck in traffic these days.

We’re not talking about traffic on the highway either. We’re referring to the routine logjams encountered with network operations: You may be reviewing an important Webinar and the screen image goes into a shaky ‘start/stop/start’ routine that’s nearly unwatchable. Or you’re conducting a critical phone call with a vendor and the voice quality devolves into a choppy mess.

So what’s causing this? The answer is all around you.

Just look at the wealth of computer screens in your office that are using applications and downloading video content that makes great demands upon your enterprise. Whether these activities are mission-critical or not, they’ll deplete all of your available bandwidth if you don’t invest in a solution that prioritizes traffic. That’s where quality of service (QoS) tools step in, allowing businesses to classify network traffic into that which is high priority (VoIP calls, credit-card processing, e-mail, etc.) and that which isn’t.

Still want proof that QoS is necessary? Consider these three reasons why it’s more essential than ever:

1. Video usage is a bandwidth “hog.” Online content these days is all about video – from training sessions to voice/video calls to Webinars to product demos. But this increasing usage requires lots of bandwidth, so much so that it may negatively impact all of your other communications. That includes the quality of your voice communications experience. Even phone calls within your company can be impacted because they still use the Internet to get placed. QoS configures and manages all routers to detect, mark and prioritize network flows to ensure high-performance levels for all applications, so you can conduct VoIP, videoconferencing, e-commerce and other important functions without any hiccups.

2. You likely aren’t appropriating enough bandwidth to handle it all. The daily ebb and flow of bandwidth demand is too unpredictable to do so. Something as simple as a hail storm – or a YouTube video that turns into an instant, viral sensation can knock your entire usage forecast out of whack. So why attempt to make educated guesses about bandwidth when something like QoS allows you to manage it – not just at the circuit level, but throughout the entire Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. This includes on-premise circuits that connect handsets and computers to the network, as well as Internet circuits to prioritize upstream traffic to eliminate uplink congestion.

3. QoS will save – and make money in the long haul. Too often, the answer to an over-extension of bandwidth usage is “go out and buy more!” But this is costly for companies. So many get into a “should we or shouldn’t we?” debate that – if the budget isn’t there – results in decreased productivity, lost sales calls and other unfortunate scenarios. Because QoS doesn’t let your network operations get to the point of maximizing bandwidth resources, you have no need to buy more of it. And since your VoIP conversations are going to be clear and reliable, and credit-card transactions will get conducted flawlessly, you’ll end up with happier customers. Which means increased repeat business. Which means more revenue.

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