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A New Voice for Voice on Connectivity

Posted By Jayne Swystun
March 2, 2010

As promised in my post yesterday, I’m pleased to introduce the Connectivity community today to Diane Giuffre, Voice Product Manager here at MegaPath, and a welcome new voice for voice over MPLS solutions. You’ll be hearing regularly from Diane as she takes voice-related questions from you, and helps to develop a deeper discussion about a key focus area for voice solutions at MegaPath: putting the quality back in voice. But first, you need to know a little something about Diane’s background and her tenure in voice communications.

Diane has 25 years experience in telecommunications, 17 of which was spent at MCI Communications. She spent the first 10 years in voice network engineering, and then made the switch to marketing. Diane’s product management focus has been on products like voice conferencing, collaboration, unified communications, and VoIP. Her first introduction to VoIP was in 2004, when MCI rolled out its VoIP audio conferencing product. Subsequent to MCI, Diane worked for a hosted IP PBX company, working on introducing new features.

Fast forward to late 2009 when Diane joined MegaPath and jumped right into the thick of the development process of bringing our latest voice and data service, Duet(SM) Hosted Voice, to market. By now you may have seen yesterday’s announcement on our hosted business voip service, so indeed, Diane’s timing for joining the voice product team could not have been better. On Paul Marra, VP Voice Products’ team, Diane helped to develop what is unique about Duet Hosted.

Officially described as a complete, cost-effective hosted IP PBX solution that gives businesses a feature-rich and scalable alternative to traditional phone service and expensive equipment, Duet Hosted is also the industry’s first true, national, Voice over MPLS solution. It’s because of the MegaPath network – the largest broadband reach of any network in North America, and the broadest Quality of Service (QoS)-enabled voice network – that Diane, Paul, and the rest of the voice team can confidently offer any size organization an enterprise-level hosted voice experience. I’m looking forward to the opportunities in this forum to spend some time talking about putting the quality back into voice.

I’m also interested in learning more from Diane as she addresses call quality and secure call delivery issues that happen when mission-critical voice services are exposed to the public internet. Priority issue #1: dynamic bandwidth allocation. If you’re a network engineer, that’s an issue near and dear to you. You’re in the right place.

If you have hosted VoIP, integrated voice and data (managed voice services), or QoS questions for Diane, go ahead and submit a comment and she’ll be glad to address them. Stop back soon for regular voice posts from Diane, and feel free to share what you learn.

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