August 24, 2009

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Being Well Connected: A Redundant Link As Part Of The Backup Plan

Posted By Michael Francois

In today’s business world, staying well connected is critical to the success of most enterprises, small or large. The loss of connectivity for a mission critical application can be very costly, and is to be avoided, and businesses are advised to do what they can to maximize uptime. For this reason, it is always good to have a backup plan.

In the simplest terms, this means that your business, small or large, located in a single store or office, or located in thousands of locations across the country, should look into a redundant network connection. There are many options available to businesses today to make sure they stay connected to their customers, suppliers and partners, allowing you to choose the redundant connectivity with the proper bandwidth and cost to meet your needs.

If your store is connected with a DSL line, you should consider purchasing a dial backup plan, to keep those transactions moving in times when broadband connectivity goes down. If your small business is making use of a T1 line, you could consider also having a DSL or Cable Internet connection available to supply business continuity in the event of an outage. And, of course, there is always wireless access, for a very redundant connection that will stay up even if the local wireline network is physically cut.

The costs of these solutions are likely lower than you think, and can provide vital communications continuity, allowing revenue to flow into your business, even if a construction crew with a backhoe takes out some conduits while repairing a street.

Being offline these days can be very costly, so having that backup connection just makes good sense.

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