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Cloud Computing: One Size Does Not Fit All

December 16, 2013

In the modern business landscape, IT teams face unprecedented challenges. Among them are the expectation that the IT infrastructure and organization will reliably operate with speed, agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These characteristics are tantamount to business success, and cloud computing helps achieve them. But the cloud also redefines IT services. Those willing to embrace the cloud and its possibilities are discovering the many new ways that IT can partner with the business side of the house.

It is no longer enough for IT services to be reactive and focus mainly on maintaining existing systems to the detriment of innovation. Rather, IT has been summoned to support innovation and new business opportunities. No matter what stage of cloud implementation your business is in, you can take steps to improve your cloud operating model. VMware, an expert platform provider in cloud-computing solutions, suggests that companies:

  • Make continuous investments in the technology
  • Identify processes that can be automated
  • Implement this automation
  • Deploy self-service capabilities
  • Consult with third-party expert providers
  • Use the cloud for business innovation

Although this list can serve as a general guideline for fully leveraging the power of the cloud, there may be other areas of greater concern for your business. It’s important to determine your specific needs to develop an informed cloud-computing model and strategy.

Fortunately, MegaPath, a leading provider of voice, data, security, and cloud computing services, has launched a Cloud Capacity Assessment service to help businesses make educated and data-driven decisions regarding cloud migration. This assessment can be helpful whether you are just taking your first steps to move to the cloud, or need to fine tune your infrastructure mix across virtual and on-premises. The Cloud Capacity Assessment reports on actual resources and capacity required to move some or your entire infrastructure to the cloud. This data helps you understand your real needs and the cost before you invest in a cloud-hosting platform and operating model.

MegaPath Cloud Hosting services include enterprise, private and hybrid Cloud Hosting solutions that help customers achieve a cost-effective, virtualized environment for hosting applications and storing data. MegaPath customers can likewise leverage our nationwide MPLS network to gain access to our scalable cloud infrastructure, or explore our Hosted Exchange corporate-class email hosting services, which enable users to manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks from virtually any device or location.

To request your no-cost, no-obligation capacity assessment, and find out how MegaPath Cloud Services could help you streamline your IT overhead as well as capital and operating costs, please contact us.

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Johan Blanco

In my experience as an IT consultant and decision maker throughout several years for different companies, it is very common nowadays to find hybrid environments, while some just like to use private clouds due privacy concerns. I don't know any large company using just public cloud, but it might happen some day.

December 16, 2013, 9:02 PM
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