March 17, 2010

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Considering the Priorities for Hosted Voice Services

Posted By Jayne Swystun

We’ve been fortunate to have held numerous conversations with technology, telecom trade writers, editors, bloggers, and industry analysts about why all hosted VoIP services are NOT alike. There are no shortage of issues to share with them, especially when the conversation turns to delivering calls in the cloud. Mention the cloud in relation to business-class hosted voice services and it brings up the subject of phone features delivery, business continuity, secure call delivery, broadband service connectivity uptime, public vs. private clouds, and of course, ensuring call quality.

In fact, network and voice quality are two very significant issues. Many hosted VoIP providers tout a high-quality voice experience, but they neglect to inform potential customers that their voice traffic is routed over the public Internet, where it is highly susceptible to jitter and packet-loss, plus a list of security concerns. That’s a fairly big gap in information. Considering that the voice communications in your organization are the ultimate real-time communications, ensuring that jitter and packet-loss on the public internet don’t translate into echo, static, buzz, hiss and other distinctively low-quality call experiences should be high priorities.

MegaPath addresses those priorities by carrying voice traffic on our own private, secure MPLS VPN network to guarantee bi-directional voice quality. Our Hosted customers’ calls will always be insulated from the unpredictable realities of the public internet.

In fact Robin Gareiss of Nemertes Research noted in her Network World blog “Hosted VoIP Needs QoS” how network-enabled quality of service (QoS) is an important consideration in selecting a hosted voice service provider, but something that is NOT found in bring-your-own-broadband (BYOB) offerings. I appreciate her insights on that point.

If you’re ready to learn more about the top considerations for choosing a hosted voice service provider, download our white paper Top Considerations in Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider [PDF]. You’ll get practical guidance on purchasing hosted VoIP solutions. And of course, let us know what you think.

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