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November 30, 2010
Tips for Choosing a MSSP

Security as a Service (SaaS) offerings are prompting many businesses to consider finding new ways to manage their network security functions. Yet there can be a high level of anxiety when you think about handing something as critical as network security over to an outside party. The question becomes, how do you find a SaaS provider matches well with the way you want to manage your network security?

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By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security-as-a-service, managed-services, managed-security, pci-compliance
November 13, 2010
SaaS Providers: Do You Want a Specialist or Generalist?

Security as a Service, also called SaaS, is becoming an increasingly viable model to consider for protecting your network. Under this model, one or more service providers takes on tasks such as monitoring network activity for security threats, managing your security equipment, or identifying the operations and issues that make your business vulnerable to internal and external threats.

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By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security-as-a-service, managed-services, intrusion-prevention, managed-services, managed-security, network-security
November 8, 2010
Protecting Your Mobile Workforce from Sheep (Firesheep, that is)

One of the hottest discussion topics in networking circles recently has been Firesheep, an extension to the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firesheep allows a hacker to access someone else's browsing session when they are sharing the same Internet connection.

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By MegaPath Marketing
Tags: security, data-protection, encryption, intrusion-prevention, network-security, ssl-vpn, remote-access, vpn, mpls
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