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December 20, 2010
If Your Calls Go over VoIP, Will Someone Else be Listening?

You've probably heard that many businesses are moving from traditional telephone services to voice over IP (VoIP) services in order to reduce costs and gain more efficient networks. You may be considering this move for your business, but you hesitate because of nagging doubts about VoIP security.

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By Diane Giuffre
Tags: voip-security, voice
December 10, 2010
Are You an Online Target for Organized Crime?

In the movies, members of organized crime rings operate from the shadowy corners of a neighborhood restaurant or the back of a limousine with darkened windows. Do you have visions of The Sopranos episodes running through your mind? In reality, today's organized crime is more likely to take place in a brightly lit office, using the latest computer and networking technology.

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By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security-as-a-service, data-protection, intrusion-prevention, managed-security, network-security
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