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February 25, 2010
Integrated Voice (VoIP) versus Traditional Dialtone

One way to begin taking advantage of VoIP savings and feature functionality, while maintaining your existing onsite phone equipment, is to replace your traditional PRI or analog lines with an Integrated Voice service. This service offering combines the voice and data traffic for your office over a single broadband connection and utilizes an Integrated Access Device (IAD) to convert the IP packets from VoIP to the appropriate signaling for your PBX.

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By Mike Gruszka
Tags: voip, integrated-voice
February 23, 2010
Prosper by Partnering with a Master MSP

Mastering the Triple Play
My chance to make ‘triple plays’ came in communications, providing a trio of voice, data and security solutions to our customers. And I’m proud to say that we are recognized as having mastery skills at providing these managed services.

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By Michael Francois
Tags: managed-services, managed-security, network-management, vpn
February 16, 2010
The Business Ethernet Advantage

We are living in what will be recognized as a Golden Age of Business Communications, and are enjoying the advantages of a widely interconnected planet in which our customers, partners and team members are able to affordably share information globally, in real time. There are so many exciting technologies out there, from VoIP to VPNs, from Broadband to Wireless, that is hard to know what to be most excited about.

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By Michael Francois
Tags: broadband, ethernet, vpn
February 5, 2010
Super Bowl Sunday - Fans Feed their Game Passion with Connectivity

This Sunday at 6:18 pm eastern, will you be tuned to the Colts and Saints game big-screen style? Tapped into an online stream? Both?

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By Jayne Swystun
Tags: bandwidth, connectivity, network-performance
February 3, 2010
Winter Storm Warning: Keep Connected

There is word of another Winter Storm heading for the middle of the country, with this article saying that all my friends back in Maryland could be looking at another 12" to 20" inches of the white stuff. While weary of all the snow this winter, the wise among them are still working away.

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By Michael Francois
Tags: ssl-vpn, remote-access
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