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April 19, 2011
A Deeper Look into VoIP Hacking

You may feel confident in your network security because you do a good job of protecting the enterprise from various attacks and other online-intrusion techniques. But are you equally vigilant when it comes to threats presented by a simple phone call?

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By S.L. Sweet
Tags: security, voip-hacking, malware, voip
April 1, 2011
Three Reasons Why Ethernet -- Not T1 -- May Better Serve Your Business

When it's time to renew or add network-access circuits for your business, you may automatically think, "Okay, we'll get a T1." After all, T1s remain reliable and widely available. It’s like putting on an old, familiar sneaker before going out to play tennis: You know it’ll get the job done.

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By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: ethernet, t1, bandwidth, broadband
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