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June 20, 2011
Got PCI? Get an MSS.

The latest version of PCI DSS promises to be a game changer. Unlike previous versions which left certain areas up for interpretation, this year’s update forces retail company security officers to put increased effort into securing the systems that face the greatest risks—this is where the private credit-card data exists, of course.

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By S.L. Sweet
Tags: mpls, security, pci-compliance, hipaa, intrusion-prevention
June 13, 2011
Talk Tech! MegaPath Launches Crowdsourcing Marketing Campaign

At MegaPath, we love our tech-speak. So we figured, “Why try to deny who we are? Why not embrace our inner (OK, inner and outer) State of Geekness?” Hence, the driving theme of our new marketing campaign was born.

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By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
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