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July 29, 2011
What Can the Cloud do for You? (Part 1)

Are you one of the many executives asking your IT staff: Does it make sense to move to the cloud? If you’re reading up on cloud computing, you may think that every single business on the planet is already there. But that isn’t close to the truth.

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By Arnaud Gautier
Tags: cloud, hosted-voice, voip, managed-services
July 14, 2011
IT Hip-Hop Ad Wins MegaPath Early Bird Tech Talk Video Contest

Recently, we challenged you, our partners and the general creative public, to come up with your very best video take on “Tech Talk.” We’re pleased to say that our Tech Talk Video Contest—to produce a new MegaPath “crowdsourcing” marketing campaign—is off to a great start.

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By Beth Tyebjee
Tags: tech
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