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Enabling the Applications-Driven Business with Managed Network Services

July 9, 2010

Whether it's entering a complex customer order or simply checking email, more business activity is being driven by online access to key data and applications. Yet as that access is getting more important, it is also getting more complicated:

  • More employees are working remotely, whether extending the workday at home, traveling, or accessing information from a customer site or other field location.
  • Employees expect application access from smart phones and tablet computers, as well as PCs.
  • Organizations are making greater use of video and VoIP applications, which are far more sensitive to latency and jitter issues in network performance than data applications such as email and file sharing.
  • Online collaboration with suppliers, business partners, and even customers is becoming an increasingly routine way of doing business.

So here is my question for the channel: What does an application-driven business mean for your customers' networks? Increasing complexity as their networks need to deliver optimal performance across many demanding applications while scaling for more traffic, users and locations.

Your business customers may find this overwhelming—and that creates a great opening to provide valuable guidance, and to talk about extending or replacing an in-house network with managed network services from MegaPath.

For example, our selection of VPN services combines the best VPN and security technologies with design, deployment, monitoring, reporting and support capabilities. Organizations can use MegaPath VPN services to deliver continuous, high-speed network connectivity for branch offices as well as on-demand connections for remote, field, and mobile employees, plus key suppliers and partners. If this sounds like true flexibility, it is.

Although other providers offer VPN services, there is a key difference in VPN solutions from MegaPath, and that is our ability to control quality of service (QoS) truly end-to-end. Without getting too far into the weeds of networking, I want to take a minute to share that MegaPath MPLS VPN services have always operated at layer 3 of the OSI network model, and it is this reliance that supports integrated IP Class of Service (CoS) and ensures QoS. Customers gain security and scalability in this approach. Network traffic is classified and labeled at the edge of the network before traffic is aggregated and transported across our provider core. Traffic at the edge and core of the network can then be differentiated into classes by drop probability and delay. All in, your customers are provided with predictable performance (assuring service delivery) and support for multiple levels of service in the VPN. Because we've been running a Cisco-powered core MPLS network since 2000, and have also been named to their top echelon group of Cisco Master Managed Services Providers, you and your customers can be assured that MegaPath network engineers know how to address their IT issues -- any access type, and any application. If you haven't followed Michael Francois' posts about the lengthy certification process he worked on to attain our Cisco Master MSP recognition, you should check them out. It's a good story.

What applications are driving your customers to consider managed network services?

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