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October 24, 2011
By Beth Tyebjee

"Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap" Video Wins Top Honors in $30K Video Contest

”We’re in a league of our own and we thrive on innovation! MegaPath, the leader in business communications.” Those are the pointed and spot-on opening lyrics in Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap created by HappyJoel, the winner of the first-ever MegaPath crowdsourcing video contest. And, we couldn’t agree more.

We’re excited to announce all of our Top winners from the MegaPath Tech Talk video contest. As indicated in our initial announcement, we partnered with Zooppa, the global community for user-generated video ads to help us secure more than 135 humorous and entertaining 60-second video promotions for MegaPath.

Congratulations to all of our winners.

Featured Winning Videos

Epic MegaPath Tech Talk Rap

By: happyjoel
Grand Prize

I'm IT

By: kbloom
2nd Place

Question of the week: What do you think of the winners? What's your favorite?

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