July 23, 2010

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How to Become the Network Guide Your Customers Rely On

Posted By Jayne Swystun

Every organization depends on broadband connectivity. In 2010, every business is a connected business. These are givens. How you put the network to work in business—to better solve real issues and demands, to stretch the possibilities of providing reliable service, and to ensure your commitments can scale cost-effectively, are real challenges to network performance. For every application and IT service that runs on your network, everywhere you're doing business, and every cloud you need to create, the demands on your network are evolving far beyond data transport. At MegaPath we realize it can be difficult to be confident with this level of change and complexity. That's why we developed MPLS University. Take a minute to find out more.

We're kicking off with a Partners-Only webinar "How to Become the Guide Your Customers Rely On: Meeting IT Challenges Head-On in Today's Networking Environment". This session will be held Thursday, August 12 at 10:00 am Pacific.

Partners: here's the situation. Who isn't talking about cloud computing and managed services? Your customers know how important the network is to their business. IT Operations is usually understaffed, and ensuring secure computing is a moving target. Their business and finance counterparts are looking to the cloud to reduce service costs, diminish capital investments, and produce faster ROI. When customers care about performance, security, scale, and availability, they will be trusting your IP advice. How can you earn profits from delivering valuable MPLS-based services to them? How will your choice in network infrastructure provider partners matter in your ability to meet customer service expectations? We invite you to invest 60 minutes with us and be sure you have the answers.

If you're not a Partner, there are MPLS University sessions planned for you. The August 25 session co-presented with Cisco is all about the SMB network and how to stretch beyond keeping your business functional. "Big Network Dreams on Small Budgets" will provide new views on putting your network to work. If you're a IT pro or manager in small and mid-size business, and you're thinking about what MPLS can do for you, this session was designed with your needs in mind. Today sharing information and applications securely and privately between locations is just the beginning. Join us for valuable advice.

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