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May 16, 2011
By Arnaud Gautier

Integrated and Hosted Voice: The Best of Both Worlds

It's no secret that companies are getting increasingly mobile. In fact, there will be more than 1 billion such employees worldwide by the end of this year, according to industry research, and three out of every four U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity within that time frame.

This is a major reason why businesses are looking for cloud-based (or hosted) voice services. These options—which are readily available for both traditional and smart phones of users—can help establish a sense of organizational continuity, even if most of the staff operates in far-flung locations. Cloud/hosted voice services include the popular “Find Me/Follow Me” capabilities that create a single “virtual” phone number for mobile workers that will “track down” and ring into all of their devices—whether office, home or mobile-based.

Yet, as much as companies would like their employees to take advantage of such features, they’ve had to go without. Many are under the impression that these services aren't available if you use VoIP products such as our Integrated Voice solution, which integrates voice and data. That's right. Even though the ability to overlay hosted features on top of the integrated service is nothing new, awareness of this development still needs to gain traction.

Once they discover that they can take advantage of such an overlay, companies reap the rewards of increased efficiency/production and reduced costs. How much in savings? In our case, we’re seeing that our Hosted Voice customers are cutting phone-service budgets in half while optimizing bandwidth usage and delivering consistent voice/data capabilities throughout their entire enterprise—regardless of where users are geographically.

Those customers are benefiting from features such as “Simultaneous Ring,” which rings a business phone and multiple mobile phones or phones in home offices all at once. There's also “Remote Office,” which ensures that metered long-distance calls are billed to the company as opposed to a hotel phone or personal mobile-phone account and that your work-caller ID is sent if you’re calling from a mobile device, or even a hotel room. Hosted Voice is also essential for business continuity, because no matter what disaster strikes a region—fire, flood, ice storm or just a standard power outage—users will simply have calls re-routed to available, working devices.

In the end, managers now don't need to make a choice between integrated VoIP and products such as our Hosted Voice. Why would they, when combining both saves money and improves business operations? The only factor that is stopping them from pursuing this path is apparently not realizing that such an option exists.

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