February 25, 2010

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Integrated Voice (VoIP) versus Traditional Dialtone

Posted By Mike Gruszka

One way to begin taking advantage of VoIP savings and feature functionality, while maintaining your existing onsite phone equipment, is to replace your traditional PRI or analog lines with an Integrated Voice service. This service offering combines the voice and data traffic for your office over a single broadband connection and utilizes an Integrated Access Device (IAD) to convert the IP packets from VoIP to the appropriate signaling for your PBX.

Switching to an Integrated Voice product from traditional dialtone services immediately puts the business in greater control of their costs by allowing them to reduce the number of circuits delivered to the office, dynamically manage the bandwidth allocation for voice and data, and take advantage of low usage rates.

Some companies, such as MegaPath, leverage their Hosted Voice platform to deliver the VoIP traffic to the service location. By doing so, businesses with premise-based PBX systems can also utilize advanced hosted features to enhance their productivity and efficiency via cloud-based Automated Attendants, Hunt Groups, centralized call routing and overlay services.

If you eventually plan to migrate to a Hosted Voice solution, switching your PRI or analog line to an Integrated Voice service is a good way to decrease the impact to your business by staging the migration pieces. Number porting and centralized call routing services can be set up and in practice prior to moving your employees, making the switch as seamless as possible.

* As a part of our merger in 2010, all references to "Speakeasy" have been replaced with "MegaPath."

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