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Is VoIP Right for Your Business? Part 1: Starting a Business

Posted By Diane Giuffre
May 7, 2010

In this series of three posts, we'll look at the top situations that prompt a business to consider a VoIP solution: Starting out, replacing an old phone system, and adding new sites.

Any new business wants to start with a professional phone system that offers business-class calling features. Your first thought may be to purchase or lease a phone system that will be installed and maintained at your site. But this option has some significant drawbacks for a start-up business—it’s so easy to overbuy a system that’s full of bells and whistles, or to over-economize into a system that you quickly outgrow. For small businesses, a hosted VoIP solution like MegaPath Hosted Voice is a better choice with a lower total cost of ownership. As your business grows, adding new users is as easy as adding a new phone, offering your business flexibility.

Let's compare some key factors for your decision.

Leasing or purchasing a phone system is expensive and can use up a significant amount of your startup capital, not to mention the monthly maintenance fees. As your company grows, maintenance becomes complicated. Seemingly simple actions such as moving a phone can mean waiting days for a technician. Do-it-yourself probably isn't a solution because your employees have more important tasks than learning how to manage a complex phone system.

In a hosted VoIP service, all of the necessary aspects of delivering voice services to your business are managed by MegaPath. You preserve capital by paying a low monthly service fee that's based on the number of users and the covered equipment.

Your business can also take advantage of converged voice and data services that are delivered over a single connection, instead of maintaining separate networks. And by operating the largest broadband network footprint in the U.S., with more than 10 years experience running a core MPLS network for managed services, MegaPath can automatically deliver the latest voice and data technologies; no confusing and disruptive upgrades for you!

What factors have you considered when choosing voice services or systems for your business?

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