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Is VoIP Right for Your Business? Part 2: An Aging Phone System

Posted By Diane Giuffre
May 11, 2010

In this second of a three-part series, we look at an established business that needs to replace an old or obsolete phone system.

When your current phone system is old and can no longer be upgraded, it's a good time to evaluate all of your options for replacement.

Of course, you can follow a business-as-usual path, simply buying or leasing a new phone system and purchasing the associated maintenance contract. But this can mean a large upfront capital investment, with unpredictable monthly bills for system changes and maintenance. The choice of equipment, IP phones, and features may be limited. You may need to assign an employee to receive training and handle the on-site administrative and troubleshooting tasks that aren't covered by the maintenance contract. And what happens in a year or two when the new phone system starts to seem obsolete itself?

Good news! Small business VoIP is a solid alternative. If your business has up to 50 users, you'll want to consider a hosted VoIP solution such as MegaPath Hosted Voice. A hosted solution works as a cloud-based IP phone service, and to your employees, it appears as a single phone system with the same business features available on every phone, even in multiple locations. A hosted solution requires minimal upfront capital expense (mostly for the phones); you don't need to lease, purchase or maintain expensive PBX equipment.

With a hosted solution, you won't have to worry about technology obsolescence because the service provider handles all the advanced IP features and upgrades. You won't need specially trained staff to maintain the phone system because online portals allow you to make administrative changes and your employees to configure their phones. Changes are effective immediately, which means your phone system keeps up with your business activity.

What factors do you look at when replacing a phone system?

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