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Is VoIP Right for Your Business? Part 3: Adding New Locations

Posted By Diane Giuffre
July 2, 2010

Even with the economic challenges we face today, some businesses are growing and adding new locations. The question is: how can you reduce the costs, time, and effort involved in opening a new site, while still providing business-class voice and data communications to the employees who work there?

For these fortunate growing businesses, a managed voice and data service such as MegaPath Duet Hosted Voice offers an option worth considering. This enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone service connects all your employees into one unified phone system with the same business features in every location.

A hosted service requires only installing the phones and connecting to the host network. The service can communicate easily with your existing CPE phone systems, whether a PBX in a home office or key system at another branch site.

You can continue using an internal dial plan for on-net calls.

A hosted voice solution can also solve the problem of integrating multiple voice mail systems when a company grows through merger or acquisition. It's simply a matter of consolidating voice mail services for all locations onto the central platform offered by the hosted voice service.

As the business continues to grow, the hosted voice service can expand easily to cover more locations. You won't need to worry about replacing a legacy PBX, perhaps prematurely, just to get more user capacity.

What has been your experience when trying to expand phone systems and services to cover new locations?

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