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July 14, 2011
By Beth Tyebjee

IT Hip-Hop Ad Wins MegaPath Early Bird Tech Talk Video Contest

Recently, we challenged you, our partners and the general creative public, to come up with your very best video take on “Tech Talk.”

We’re pleased to say that our Tech Talk Video Contest—to produce a new MegaPath “crowdsourcing” marketing campaign—is off to a great start. As indicated in our initial announcement, we’re partnering with Zooppa, the global community for user-generated video ads, to help produce a great 60-second video promotion for MegaPath.

With several very notable early entries, selecting our “Early Entry Prize” winner was a tough call. That said, we went with Kbloom, who produced a video dubbed, I’m IT, which takes an inventive–even infectious–rapper’s approach in depicting a day in the life of an IT guy. (“Rolling up to the office / I’m FOC / With skills like mine / Everybody wanna be ...”)

Poster Image

For coming up with the top Early Entry video, Kbloom wins $2,000 in prize money, as part of a total $30,000 we’re giving out to selected contest entrants. (You still have time to submit your video. See MegaPath Tech Talk Video Contest for more contest details – and to view samples of videos selected.)

In addition to “I’m IT,” the following entries also top of our early list of favorites:

  • Misunderstood
    From dreferr, about a store owner who’s just a bit clueless about IT jargon.
  • Huh?!!?
    From DavidMarcus, an amusing look at an office employee who gets “sidejacked.”
  • Interfacing with Humans – Russia
    From JEvanS, this video cleverly uses tech terms to explain the Cold War and the downfall of the Soviet Union.
  • Goin' Vishing
    From Cheapsils, an IT pro confuses the term “fishing” for something a bit more ill-intentioned.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to show us what you can do with your submission. We look forward to watching them all!

Question of the week: What do you think of the videos submitted so far? What’s your favorite?

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