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ITExpo Students 'gotmpls' at MegaPath University

Posted By Jayne Swystun
January 21, 2010

4 MPLS Sessions Focused on Future-Proofing the Network for Performance and Reliability

With all the talk about MPLS networks, cloud-based computing, and voice-data convergence trends, we thought the ITEXPO show in Miami was an ideal place to address the complexity but real benefit of MPLS in network traffic engineering. We asked the question "got mpls?" and plenty of people packed 4 sessions at MegaPath University to learn more.

  • MPLS 101: What is an MPLS VPN? How does it work? What are the business drivers for migrating to an MPLS network? How do class of service and quality of service considerations pertain to network traffic engineering decisions and application prioritization?
  • Making Sense of the VPN Alphabet Soup—MPLS, SSL, IP Sec ... Technical and non-technical attendees appreciated the short but valuable time investment in VPN key terms, and the advantages/disadvantages of these technologies.
  • Putting the Quality Back into Voice: Voice over MPLS + QoS: Delivering business-critical applications like voice, video, web/email and POS are dependent on several network decisions, including quality of service, class of service, and bandwidth calculation. MegaPath data prioritization experts helped lead this discussion about ensuring the performance of MPLS solutions.

And finally:

  • Selling MPLS + Voice into the Distributed Enterprise: Cloud-based communications are trends that can't be ignored. With cloud computing comes the move to consolidate security and telecom solutions. Our discussion today dug into a deeper understanding of how to combine voice, data, MPLS and managed security into a single, cost-effective solution that has reliability and scalability benefits for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Look for the next MegaPath University at the Channel Partners Show in Las Vegas, March 1-3. Class registrations will be opening soon, so check back for details. To learn more about How MPLS Works, check out this 3 minute demonstration.

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