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June 30, 2014
By Matt Mayhew

Making an Informed Cloud Decision

With phrases like “outage”, “downtime”, and “lost productivity” dominating the Cloud headlines of late, it’s clear that businesses need to make smart decisions when choosing their Cloud provider. In today’s Cloud space it seems that most providers are racing to outdo their competition with aggressive pricing and fancy advertisements. Smart buyers will ask important questions focusing on up-time track record, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and infrastructure design, because these are business imperatives.

MegaPath has built out its Hosted Exchange offering with these business imperatives in mind. MegaPath has an industry-best 100% SLA on its Hosted Exchange service, yet offers per-mailbox pricing that’s among the best. This level of uptime guarantee is uncommon in the market. Some competitors have “4 nines”; others have “5 nines”. The aforementioned Microsoft Office 365 has a 99.9% (“3 nines”) SLA.

MegaPath is able to go to market with this aggressive guarantee because of its forward-thinking networking design. The MegaPath Hosted Exchange service retains full email functionality (read, compose, reply, forward) even in the event of a catastrophic outage in MegaPath’s primary data center. This is possible because we employ multiple data centers geographically dispersed throughout the United States. While all of the data is replicated within the primary data center, it is also replicated to a secondary data center. This replication is configured and data is synced between storage groups in the primary and secondary data centers within seconds.

Should a catastrophic failure cause communication issues within the primary data center, the service will failover to a secondary data center. All mail traffic (SMTP, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Anywhere, etc.) will be rerouted to the secondary data center. This transition is seamless and invisible to the user and no data will be lost.

Whether you’re looking for your first Cloud provider or considering making a switch, make sure you’re asking the appropriate questions. In addition to asking how much a mailbox costs, consider the cost to your business of being shut out of that mailbox by an outage.

MegaPath delivers one of the highest-value Hosted Exchange (PDF) services available today. That’s because we back it with:

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