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Managed Services Help State and Local Government Budgets

Posted By Diane Giuffre
July 13, 2010

"Let no budget line item go unscrutinized" has been the motto in recent years for many state and local governments and their agencies. Seems like a fairly straightforward approach for the cash-strapped public sector. However, sometimes it is helpful to take a wider view of needs and priorities in order to find new solutions to multiple big goals.

This is the case with telecom and networking budgets. By looking at new types of voice and data solutions, agencies can meet two goals: reducing expenses and improving productivity. Managed services, like those offered by MegaPath, offer new solutions with many attractive benefits.

Managed services provide enterprise-class capabilities for a predictable monthly fee—without requiring a large, initial capital investment. As a service provider, MegaPath maintains and adminsters the network circuits and related equipment.

A new solution for government challenges

Managed services are worth considering for several typical scenarios that face government agencies today:

  • Downsizing, consolidation, and reorganization: Flexibility to easily adjust the network and its costs to an agency's new scope.
  • Extending service reach into the community: A fast, economical way to extend voice and data services to new local offices, while maintaining compatability with an existing PBX system.
  • Enabling employees to do more with less: Reduce network management burdens on IT staff while giving all employees the advantages of up-to-date communications technologies.
  • Making budgets more realistic and responsive: Control costs on a monthly basis, instead of the long-term financial commitment of CPE-based solutions.

If you're a public sector IT manager, you will be relieved to know that moving to managed services is NOT an all-or-nothing proposition. You can choose which locations and services to initially outsource, then add more over time, for example, as PBX maintenance contracts expire.

What issues are prompting your agency to consider managed network services?

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