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September 10, 2010
By MegaPath Marketing

MPLS U On-Demand Webinars Now Available

Many MegaPath partners had a chance to get acquainted with MPLS University through two webinars held in August. Did you? It is clear from the great participation in the August 12 session held for partners-only, and the August 25 session presented jointly with Cisco for SMB end users and partners, that customers have plenty of questions about how to make their networks stretch to better serve the business. Here's my question to you: who isn't talking about cloud computing and managed services? Customer realities involve reliance on network infrastructure that ensures they can handle tomorrow's demands. It is creating an IT crossroads—a complex and crowded space where always-on connectivity is a baseline requirement. What advice and services will you provide? It's time to dig into those challenges.

Tap into On-Demand, Free Advice

We're making it so easy for you to tap into the first two free recorded MPLS University webinars. If you haven't already registered for a session, do it now and you'll be able to immediately launch the on-demand events. If you registered already, you should have received notification that the on-demand sessions are ready. Just log-on and go.

How to Become the Guide Your Customers Rely On: Meeting IT Challenges Head-On in Today's Networking Environment

This is the session created especially for partners who want to know how to make more money by delivering valuable services to customers. How will your choice in network infrastructure provider partners matter in your ability to meet customer service expectations? Invest 60 minutes and be sure you have the answers.

Big Network Dreams on Small Budgets: jointly presented by Cisco and MegaPath

IT pros and managers in small and mid-size business, Cisco SMB partners, and MegaPath partners joined us for this live webinar. Now this recorded session gives you the ability to learn how to scale enterprise-class WAN services to SMB and mid-size business performance. What can MPLS do for you? Questions about turning to cloud services? Hear from Cisco SMB and MegaPath specialists about the SMB network challenge, and stretching beyond 'functional' in business. This is a session you can feel confident about sharing with your customers.

We're just getting started, so expect more great topics and valuable advice shortly. Keep up with the schedule here.

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