July 20, 2009

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PCI Releases Wireless Guidelines

Posted By Michael Francois

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has released a guidelines document (PDF) for implementing wireless networks.

Written by the PCI SSC Wireless Special Interest Group, the document provides guidance and recommendations for organizations that require PCI DSS compliance and are deploying 802.11 wireless networks.

It doesn’t cover Bluetooth or GPRS networks, but does offer suggestions on how 802.11 can be implemented such that the requirements of the PCI DSS standard are still met.

So, if you store, transmit or process payment card information, and you plan on using, or currently have deployed an 802.11 network, you will want to review this new document. It covers issues such as scanning for rouge access points, the physical security of access points, the use of wireless intrusion tools and the use of encryption.

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