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Prosper by Partnering with a Master MSP

February 23, 2010

Mastering the Triple Play

I grew up in Maryland, and when I was a kid my baseball hero was Brooks Robinson. Nobody could turn a ball around faster than he could, and I know I will never forget 1973, when “The Human Vacuum Cleaner” started not one, but two triple plays that season. That gave him a trio of triple plays for his career, 3 of the 679 all time triple plays. When I look for inspiration when it comes to executing a triple play, I look to Brooks Robinson. (I am not going to mention that he also hit into a record 4 triple plays in his career).

As it turns out, I didn’t end up being a ball player. Instead, my chance to make ‘triple plays’ came in communications, providing a trio of voice, data and security solutions to our customers. And I’m proud to say that we are recognized as having mastery skills at providing these managed services.

More small businesses than ever are achieving increased efficiencies while lowering costs by using managed voice, data and security services. Economic realities, IT staff & budget compression, and increased service expectations from users—whether you are in a small business or a distributed enterprise—have really created the perfect storm for greater reliance on a managed services provider for voice, data, and security. The benefits of doing so include the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your services are being monitored 24-7-365 by experienced experts, as well as knowing that well defined Service Level Assurances (SLAs) are standing behind the network services you rely on. But most importantly, partnering with a Master Managed Service Provider will help your business prosper.

Having a single point of contact for these three services will lower your support costs, while using outsourced expertise will allow you to mitigate the costs of building out management and reporting capabilities that are not core to your business. You can focus on implementing the best practices of your business, knowing that we are following the best practices of our industry.

MegaPath is one of only a handful of Cisco Managed Services Channel Partners to receive the Master designation. To achieve this, Cisco made an extensive audit of our NOC capabilities, checked out our SLAs, and verified that we have both CCIE and ITIL certified team members. At the end of this process, Cisco said we not only qualified for the Master designation, but that both our MPLS VPN Service and Managed IP Trunking VoIP product qualified for the Cisco Powered designation.

Recently Cisco did a case study of MegaPath (pdf), and put the spotlight on how we work together as an example of the benefits that can be achieved by gaining this designation. Of course, the real benefit of this goes to our customers, who have come to rely on us for mission critical triple play solutions.

And yes, I know that Donie Bush shares the record with Bid McPhee for turning 9 triple plays, but I never spent summer nights as a kid listening to them play games at Memorial Stadium with Boog Powell, Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson and Earl Weaver on my transistor radio.

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