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Retailers: Look beyond PCI DSS Compliance

Posted By S.L. Sweet
January 10, 2011

Many retailers that have recently completed security audits are scrambling to implement new measures as their auditors begin to insist on full compliance with key areas of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

Yet those retailers may be losing sight of the reason the standard was created: to help them establish best practices for securing and protecting cardholder data.

So how does a retailer effectively achieve PCI DSS compliance and follow security best practices at the same time? By implementing a thoughtful, well-executed information security program. However, such a program can be too difficult and expensive for many retailers to create and execute on their own.

Today, more retailers are choosing managed security services as the solution to these security and compliance issues. Without exception, industry analysts agree that it's not a question of IF you'll partner with managed services provider for network security, it's a question of when.

By leveraging a provider's 24x7 operations, experienced and certified staff, up-to-date security technologies, security best practices, and PCI-certified security processes, retailers have a simple and cost-effective way to improve their PCI compliance and overall network security.

Because choosing a MSSP is a strategic decision, you want a provider that truly understands PCI DSS, from the perspective of both compliance and security best practices.

Enter your thoughts about PCI DSS compliance and security best practices for retailers in the comments section below.

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