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May 31, 2012
By MegaPath Marketing

Speed Test Plus: Is Your Broadband Quality Measuring Up to Your Voice & Data Needs?

Whether it’s Bullitt, The Fast and the Furious, or Gone in 60 Seconds, audiences have a need for speed. And that goes for getting access to breakneck Internet broadband.

That’s why our MegaPath Speed Test is so popular. Literally, thousands of users routinely test how fast their connections are at home and at work.

However, speed is only one dimension of your ride. There’s also performance. The fastest cars on the planet, for example, can’t make it around the Indianapolis 500 track safely unless they have quality tires, and a finely tuned suspension and engine. The same could be said about the importance of quality in broadband access.

As organizations leverage bandwidth-demanding applications to run their businesses, MegaPath is enabling companies to test whether solutions—such as Hosted Voice—can perform well on their Internet connections. With this in mind, the new MegaPath Speed Test Plus allows broadband customers to not only evaluate the speed of their broadband access, but the quality of that connection. This is measured by a combination of download/upload speeds, plus packet loss, latency, jitter, and an overall Mean Opinion Score (MOS) used to numerically represent the quality of a VoIP call.

"When purchasing business-critical services—such as IP-based voice and data communications—both speed and quality of service make a huge difference for IT decision makers,” says Beth Tyebjee, Senior Vice President of Marketing, MegaPath. “Speed Test Plus goes beyond testing the connection speed. Organizations can quickly measure for latency, jitter, and other factors that affect the user experience when browsing the Web, making VoIP calls, streaming video, or using any other Web-based applications."

How fast is your home or business broadband connection? Find out now by taking the new MegaPath Speed Test Plus for a spin.

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