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SSL VPNs: Safe And Secure At Any Speed

January 19, 2010

Enterprises and SMBs today face many of the same issues, and one of the biggest issues they both face is making sure business communications are safe and secure. With the increase in mobile workforces, and with more customers and partners wanting to do business online, VPNs need to be scalable, flexible and manageable. Also, the people who need access to your business network need it from wherever they are, on whatever device they have available. Luckily, SSL VPNs are a solution that can meat all of the above requirements. Here are several reasons you should consider SSL VPNs as a solution for keeping your business better connected.

  • Reduced Costs - Web based access that doesn’t require a preloaded software client on the desktop will reduce desktop support costs. The ease of use factor will also cut down on calls to your Help Desk.
  • Increased Flexibility – SSL VPNs allow anyone to connect to any network resource at any time, using any device. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.
  • Granular Control – SSL VPNs secure the person, not the device. Customers, Business Partners, Road Warriors, Flexecutives and Telecommuters can all be granted access to the specific network resources they need, and this access can also be finely tuned to allow certain levels of access control based upon how they are communicating with the network.
  • Eased Administration – When you work with the right partner, your SSL VPN platform will be managed by security professionals who are available 24 / 7 / 365, and who are ready to offer assistance as needed anywhere around the globe.
  • Increased Protection – SSL VPNs can be delivered as part of a security platform that can also protect against viruses, worms, spyware and malware. Just make sure your SSL VPN partner is ready to deliver this level of security.
  • Remote Connectivity – SSL VPNs are ready built to handle remote access by definition. This remote connectivity can be occurring at an airport on a Blackberry, using a public WiFi hot spot via a laptop, or at a client’s office on a borrowed PC.
  • Business Continuity- Natural disasters, bad weather, and technologies outages do sometimes occur. Giving the people you need to communicate with access to an SSL VPN can help you mitigate the effects of such occurrences on your business, and help you avoid business disruptions.

SSL VPNs offer your business the opportunity to lower costs, increase security and be ready for anything. Maybe most importantly, your users will love it. I’ve been using VPNs for years, and I know that I’m glad to not have to deal with the IPSec clients anymore (one on each PC, Mac or Linux box I use), and to know that now I can check in wherever I happen to be. I bet your users will appreciate this flexibility, too.

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