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Switching to VoIP? Grab an Opportunity, Avoid a Headache

Posted By Diane Giuffre
August 27, 2010

If you are ready to move your voice communications to an outsourced VoIP service, you will want to know about an opportunity—and a potential headache—that can be present in this changeover.

The Opportunity: This is a great time to take a fresh look at your communications needs. Instead of simply making a 1:1 exchange of phones, be sure to review:

  • The number and location of phones and their calling features
  • Your company's overall calling patterns and dial plans
  • Replacing an aging PBX that can no longer keep up with your needs

With the advanced IP network, phones and business features offered by MegaPath voice services, your organization will find new ways to communicate effectively and extend new capabilities to employees and customers.

The Potential Headache (and how to avoid it):  Installing the new phones for a VoIP service isn't always a do-it-yourself project. Not all VoIP service providers offer phone installation services, and most small and midsize businesses do not have staff with the necessary technical expertise to install IP phones and set up the associated networking. If your organization is tempted to consider handling the phone installation internally, remember: Who will you call if a problem arises? Will you need to find someone (probably an external consultant) to finish the job? What if a mistake causes downtime?

A managed services provider like MegaPath performs many on-site activities that simplify your transition to a VoIP service. These activities include installing the data circuit and network equipment, and verifying that the proper cabling for the new phones is in place. If any new cabling is needed, the installers handle it. The installers will also review any additional preparation you must complete, such as reconfiguring an existing Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch to work with the MegaPath network.

Finally, when your voice service is transferred to MegaPath, the installers will return to install the IP phones. They will ensure the phones are working properly before they leave, to minimize the impact of changeover on your employees.

What questions or concerns do you have about the activities involved in changing to a managed voice service?

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