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Take Another Look at Ethernet

October 20, 2010

A true Business Ethernet service uses traditional copper wiring to deliver the bandwidth (up to 20 Mbps), service-level agreements (SLAs), and features that are needed for today's demanding applications—including video and voice.

Take another look at Business Ethernet for applications such as these:

  • Large enterprises: Gain connectivity options for satellite offices and provide alternative access for business continuity.
  • Retail and quick-service restaurants: Run many applications simultaneously, including point-of-sale, video monitoring, and supply chain systems. Improve response times for transactional data.
  • Government, healthcare, education: Support high-bandwidth applications like video conferencing, telemedicine, and e-learning.
  • Small and midsize businesses: Transfer multimedia content and large data files between locations and remote workers.
  • Any organization: Create virtual private networks (VPNs) to extend applications to remote employees, customers, and business partners over the Internet. Support voice over IP (VoIP) for economical voice communications.

As these examples show, a business-class Ethernet service delivers the capacity and flexibility needed for many types of business communications. And when you choose a managed services solution from a provider like MegaPath, Ethernet becomes an even more valuable networking option for your business.

Question of the day:  How is your organization using Ethernet services?

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