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Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing VoIP

Posted By Mike Gruszka
July 7, 2010

As MegaPath has recently extended our free phone promotion through the end of July – offering free IP telephones to new subscribers of Hosted Voice services – we thought it would be a good time to provide some refreshers on how to best choose a VoIP service and phone.

The first questions to ask are:

1. What are my phone system options?
2. What exactly is VoIP?
3. Is hosted voice right for my business?

Traditional phone systems utilize a PBX, which is an automated switchboard, or other method on location to route calls. These systems generally require a large up-front investment for hardware to be installed at the office location. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows voice calls to travel over computer networks instead of traditional phone lines, eliminating the need for extensive hardware in the office, and reducing overall costs of phone calls. Businesses that are looking for a system that is easily maintained without a lot of overhead costs, especially those with mobile workers, would be best suited to VoIP services.

Once a business has determined that they want to implement VoIP, the next step is determining what functionality your business model requires out of the phones, and what your budget can afford. When speaking to a provider potential customers should ask:

4. How do you ensure call quality?
5. What happens if my connectivity goes down or my power goes out?
6. How can these calling features help my business?
7. What will it cost?
8. How will you ensure a smooth transition?
9. What about maintenance, administration and scaling?
10. What kind of customer support and training do you provide?

By getting the answers to these ten questions, businesses can accurately determine what type of VoIP services, from which provider, are a best fit for their company. VoIP technology can help lower costs and simplify the management of phone systems, enabling small businesses to have a complete communications system without breaking the budget.

For more information, check out our white paper on the topic.

* As a part of our merger in 2010, all references to "Speakeasy" have been replaced with "MegaPath."

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