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The iPad News Monopoly and the Bigger Trend of Mobile, Remote Access

Posted By Jayne Swystun
January 29, 2010

There's no denying that this has been the week for iPad news domination.

Good, bad, or indifferent—people are certainly talking about the iPad! I can't think of any news source I've seen this week that didn't include some mention of Apple's new mobile device. Fast Company featured a story this week called "Apple iPad Launch by the Numbers" that provides a good glimpse at the growing trends toward relying on mobile devices to tap into whatever information sharing and use, or interactive conversations we want, whenever we want. The flexibility is just so powerful. It's that same on-the-fly usefulness that applies to people who access and rely on your organization's network for the applications and information resources that are most critical to their work or business.

The trend towards more users connecting into your network using a variety of personally owned or business-provided devices at any time, from anywhere presents complex, multi-layered security issues for the IT leaders tasked with managing these critical capabilities. We definitely know that the trend isn't going to reverse itself—not hardly. Can IT leaders restrict access to critical network resources to an 'approved list of devices'?

Remember the old story of the little Dutch boy who poked his finger in the dike to plug a leak? Whew! Then a new one sprung up, and another, and another until he ran out of fingers. How did that work out for him?

A better security method for proactive IT organizations is to embrace the realities of a burgeoning population of mobile wireless users, and engineer your network with practical, scalable means to provide secure remote access to the critical resources your mobile users need. This is moving away from a 'nice to have' into a necessity. Managed SSL VPN services are designed to securely enable user access methods by defining control policies and combining them with end point control and policy zones.

This type of flexibility defines the type of access environment a user experiences—essentially providing even your most far-flung iPad-toting globetrotters with reliable connectivity and information sharing, while ensuring that your network hums along without compromise. Done right, this SSL VPN-enabled secure connectivity can even be a competitive advantage.

To learn how MegaPath SSL VPN services work, start here.

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