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The Right Cloud for Voice Calls

Posted By Diane Giuffre
June 22, 2010

Since the invention of the telephone, voice calls traveled from their origin to their destination primarily over a series of directly connected lines. But with the creation of the Internet, a new way of connecting phone calls became possible: over indirect connections in the "cloud."

The cloud is simply another word for a network, whether a private network or the Internet, where calls are routed from one point to another. What makes the difference for voice calls is how the network handles traffic and supports the specific capabilities necessary to maintain clear, uninterrupted voice quality.

Consider what happens to voice calls that are routed over the public Internet, a method that is used by many hosted VoIP providers. All Internet traffic is highly susceptible to jitter and packet-loss, which for data causes annoying but tolerable problems such as slow-loading Web pages or grainy, jerky video. But for voice calls, jitter and packet loss can translate into echo, static, and gaps-an unacceptable level of quality.

In comparison, look at how voice quality is maintained in the private, voice-optimized network operated by MegaPath.

How the MegaPath Cloud Works

Although voice and data traffic is carried on one network access circuit from your site, MegaPath uses quality of service (QoS) parameters to always give voice priority over data. Bandwidth in the circuit is adjusted dynamically based on the real-time balance of voice calls and data traffic, giving more bandwidth to voice calls as needed.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Once the call reaches the MegaPath cloud, our "single-hop" network design for cross-country, on-net traffic ensures the highest possible QoS for voice. Class-of-service parameters further segregate voice traffic and give it the priority that ensures a clear, uncontested path across the network.

MegaPath Duet Voice and Data Service

With MegaPath Hosted Voice services, you'll continue to enjoy the familiar, crystal-clear voice quality that is essential for conducting business.

What has been your experience in using cloud-based services for business calls?

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