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Three Reasons Why Ethernet -- Not T1 -- May Better Serve Your Business

Posted By Arnaud Gautier
April 1, 2011

When it's time to renew or add network-access circuits for your business, you may automatically think, "Okay, we'll get a T1." After all, T1s remain reliable and widely available. It’s like putting on an old, familiar sneaker before going out to play tennis: You know it’ll get the job done.

But would you put on that old sneaker if you knew you could wear another one that can significantly elevate your game? At a lower cost? Of course not.

The same kind of ill-found logic applies with T1 purchases. Especially because many businesses are now choosing Ethernet services instead for network connections. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Price: Because Business-class Ethernet delivers higher, scalable bandwidth at a lower cost than a DS3 or bonded T1 circuits. In fact, Ethernet is about 66% cheaper than T1 on price per meg basis.
  2. Performance: By going with a more affordable option, you don’t sacrifice the quality or reliability of your communications, which can happen when using some lower-cost options for network access. And if you have a need for speed – who doesn’t? – you should know that you can only bond four T1 circuits together for a maximum of 6 Mbps. Ethernet services can scale as high as 20x20 Mbps (upstream/downstream), depending on location. Plus, that scalability can be handled by a single circuit and access device, unlike the multiple circuits and CPE required by bonded T1s.
  3. Access: Yes, T1s may remain the right call for locations outside of metro areas because Ethernet over Copper (EoC) technology has distance limitations. But this situation is shifting all the time, with Ethernet over T1 made available for more and more non-urban sites. For example, at MegaPath we’re upgrading our network to offer Ethernet over Copper in more regions across the U.S. Our Ethernet over T1 service overlays the bandwidth and Class of Service (CoS)/QoS features of Ethernet onto T1 circuits to improve performance for users and applications across your network.

So, it's time to consider where Ethernet services can fit into your network. While other service providers seem to downplay their Ethernet offerings, we at MegaPath are expanding the value and reach of our fully managed Ethernet services.

Question of the Day: Are you looking at Ethernet services now? How do you think they will play a role in your network in 2011 and beyond?

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