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Top 5 Reasons To Implement VoIP

Posted by Michael Francois

VoIP solutions offer compelling ways to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of communications in your business. Here are 5 quick thoughts on why implementing VoIP at your business today is not only a good idea, but one that will increase productivity and revenue.

  1. .Lower Costs - A VoIP solution will allow you to integrate your companies Internet access and Voice needs onto a single access circuit. Also, the costs of VoIP phone calls are lower than old fashioned Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), with unlimited local and domestic long distance included.
  2. Increase Productivity - VoIP solutions allow your staff to be better connected. There are several features available in VoIP offerings, such as call forwarding and call waiting, that increase employee productivity and collaboration.
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction – By implementing additional methods of communicating with your customers and getting closer to them, you will improve Customer Satisfaction. And by getting closer to your partners and suppliers, you will be better able to meet customer needs. Go ahead and make that call! The cost is covered by your flat rate plan.
  4. Flexibility - Managing old fashioned communications systems is time consuming and expensive. These old systems are not nearly as flexible as a VoIP solution, which offers the ability to bring on additional services and increased capacity with relative ease, all while getting the benefit of a larger feature set and lower costs. So whether you need a PRI service to plug into your existing digital PBX, or a SIP service to connect to your existing IP-PBX, VoIP services are flexible and powerful enough to exceed your needs.
  5. Mobility - VoIP solutions offer great options for mobile professionals. Need to take your local contact number with you when you travel to Europe or Asia? No problem, and you’ll get great international calling rates. Need to have your phone calls forwarded to your mobile phone while at your kid’s baseball game? No problem. Also, VoIP gives you the ability to have employees work and take phone calls on their primary contact line from anywhere they have an Internet connection, including at home and on the road.

You should really move to VoIP today, and find out what so many business owners already know: that there are tools out that will allow you to lower costs, increase productivity, and spend more time focusing on your business, and less trying to decipher why the charges on that old fashioned phone bill are so high.

Just make sure you choose a VoIP partner with the experience and ability to do things right.

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