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Voice Quality Makes a Difference for Your Business

Posted By Diane Giuffre
April 29, 2010

“Sorry, can you repeat that?”

“Are you still there?”

“There’s a lot of noise on this line; we must have a bad connection.”

We’ve all experienced quality problems like these in voice calls, where a noisy connection, echo, or dropouts can make it difficult to understand each other. With traditional landline phones, these problems occur infrequently enough that most business people don’t consider voice quality to be an issue.

But with voice over IP (VoIP) services, voice quality is very much a concern. How a service provider carries phone calls over a converged voice and data network—and how all network traffic is prioritized—makes a big difference in the call experience for your employees and customers.

Carrier-grade voice services ensure voice quality

Although many service providers offer VoIP services, the way those services are managed and delivered can significantly impact voice quality. Some providers carry calls entirely over the public Internet, where it is impossible for them to fully control a voice call’s security or priority.

Prioritize Voice Calls on the Network: the MegaPath Method

At MegaPath, we talk a lot about putting the quality back in voice because it is important. Our Duet services customers benefit from their voice calls running over our own MPLS network. This means we can apply network-based quality of service (QoS) parameters to ensure that voice calls always take precedence over data communications and deliver consistently high voice quality.

Call security is also based in our network, which eliminates the need to maintain separate security solutions at your sites. Redundant voice feature servers in the MegaPath network maintain continuous voice services, which is another quality factor.

How voice quality impacts business

A clear phone call creates a positive customer impression of your business and allows accurate and efficient information-sharing. Yet with VoIP services, you can’t take call quality for granted. For all the reasons we’ve just mentioned, how a network maintains the quality of a voice call matters more to your business than you might think.

What questions or tips do you have about voice quality for your business?

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