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Voice Quality Technology: Raising the Bar for QoS Standards

Posted By Arnaud Gautier
August 5, 2010

When businesses decide to purchase new phones and voice services for their office, they often don’t want to hear about QoS, priority routing or Managed VLANs; they just want a guarantee that when they pick up their phone to make or answer a call, they will have crystal clear phone connections, every single time.

Yet, determining how service providers maintain Quality of Service (QoS) for their voice traffic should be one of the first things a potential purchaser asks a VoIP provider since IP voice services require more careful planning and coordination through the data network than standard office applications, such as web browsing, email or file transfer. Without a deep understanding of the data path used by the voice service, and how this path is protected against other sources of traffic, a Voice over IP provider is in fact defenseless when faced with quality of service issues. Companies should make sure their phone provider is as concerned with quality as they are and can deliver this toll-level quality on every call.

MegaPath’s Voice Quality solutions solve the problem of keeping voice service over the Internet reliable through some of the industry’s highest QoS standards, which include:

  • Prioritizing traffic at traditional information bottlenecks within our core data network.
  • A private dedicated IP network which allows us to control and monitor internal voice traffic and guarantee clear, uninterrupted voice services.
  • Edge and customer premise routers configured to prioritize voice traffic over data on the last mile to a customer.
  • Careful data and voice planning prior to installation to make sure both voice quality and data transfer needs will be properly performed.
  • Guarantees that no voice traffic is passed over to a public peering point or a third party data network without guaranteed voice protection.
  • Hardware and software monitoring and troubleshooting tools that allow us to understand which network hop and what traffic source is contributing to quality issues, to resolve any voice issue even before the customer reports a quality issue.

* As a part of our merger in 2010, all references to "Speakeasy" have been replaced with "MegaPath."

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