April 7, 2010

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Welcome Janet Wong, New Voice for Security on Connectivity

Posted By Jayne Swystun

With many factors contributing to the growth in demand and adoption of managed security services — including the expansion of distributed networks, firewalls, and devices; rigorous regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements (PCI, SOX, HIPAA); and limited IT staffing and budget — organizations of all sizes are identifying information security as their top IT priority. Managed Security Services (MSS) is not a new service area for MegaPath, but it definitely is an important and growing part. In fact, we recently developed some valuable improvements to the MSS Access service that we think you will want to learn about.

Janet Wong is just the person to introduce what’s new and unique about MSS Access, and to regularly spend some time on Connectivity addressing security trends and the increasing variety of malware threats. She’ll also take some time to delve into Unified Threat Management (UTM) and our service bundling flexibility of MSS.

So here’s a brief look at the depth Janet brings to her role at MegaPath and her close connection to our Security Operations Center (SOC). Janet has delivered security products and services to larger enterprises (Global 100) for over ten years. Leveraging her consulting background, Janet expanded her technology focus to include secured socket layer virtual private network and unified threat management technologies. As the Senior Product Manager at MegaPath, Janet launched a new service using SSL VPN for the Retail / Distribution industry. Utilizing SSL VPN and the MegaPath MPLS network, customers may provide end users secured access to sensitive information residing at various locations and conform to PCI compliance mandates. One use case is to enable franchisees access to Point of Sales information at all his/her stores. Currently, Janet is building a product to address security and compliancy at the customer network level.

How does MegaPath help customers solve their security issues? When we work with customers to match their security priorities with cost and risk avoidance, we can put together packages for basic and advanced firewall, intrusion prevention services (IPS), anti-virus, spam tracker, white list/black list, and content filtering that are most valuable to their current needs. And because the MegaPath online security portal puts such power in the hands of our customers, you can expect that Janet will spend some time highlighting our new OnDemand reporting, and the self-administration simplicity of the firewall and white list/black list services.

I’m looking forward to reading Janet’s thoughts on why customers need security. Feel free to post questions for her to focus on in upcoming posts. For an immediate, quick explanation of the security trends driving demand for security services, check out the FAQ tab on MSS. Welcome to Janet!

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