October 30, 2009

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What Pizza and Halloween Can Teach Us All

Posted By Michael Francois

Most people, if asked, could tell you that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a busy time for the retail industry, with everyone doing holiday shopping. But did you know that Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, and Superbowl Sunday are incredibly busy days for the Pizza industry? Papa John’s tells us these are the three busiest days of the year for them. So, as you can imagine, it is crucial to these businesses that they stay connected to their customers on these days. This year, Papa John’s will have more then 20,000 drivers out delivering over 900,000 Pizzas on Halloween!

In this day and age, Pizza is ordered on-line as often as it is ordered on the phone. These on-line orders are received at the Papa John’s website, and then are sent to the local restaurant over the WAN, where the Pizza is prepared for fast and fresh delivery. They know that if that on-line experience goes well, they will see return on-line orders. These orders are only convenient and profitable if they get through! To make sure this happens, they know that they need an infrastructure that can handle the dramatic increases in ordering activity they see at these critical times, and that they need to work with a partner who can handle the load, and keep them connected to their customers.

Any industry that sees seasonal spikes (such as retailers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or candy and flower vendors on Mother’s Day) can benefit from implementing a network that can scale to meet demand, while providing secure, continuous communications that keeps them connected to the customers and partners.

Having a fully-managed solution allows these companies to focus on their core competency (such as delivering truly great Pizza), and not worry about keeping thousands and thousands of sites connected during a busy time. MegaPath’s customers know that we are here 24-7-365 making sure things are going smoothly, and they know they only have one call to make, no matter where in the country their business is located.

Well, I need to get home. The Pizza I ordered on-line will be arriving in about 20 minutes, and I don’t want to keep my Papa John’s delivery driver waiting.

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