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Why Purchase Voice and Data from the Same Company?

January 11, 2010

Our customers often ask us why they should purchase their voice services from their Internet service provider? Why not use a separate company for each? After all, wouldn’t this give them more flexibility, should they need to change companies? Also, isn’t telephone service the same wherever you go?

The short answer is, “Because your calls will sound better.” Telephone service is not the same between providers, even when they use the exact same technology. By providing both voice and data, service providers are able to ensure call quality while still delivering the most flexibility and bandwidth possible.

To understand why, let’s look at the two main types of telephone service:

The first type of phone service is traditional analog voice which is the transmission of analog sound across a dedicated connection. Analog voice is not compressed or modified by the phone, is always reproduced in the order it was transmitted, and sounds as close to the original as the quality of the transmitting circuit will allow. Unfortunately, analog voice is susceptible to static, hiss and loss of volume when circuit quality is poor or transmission distances are great.

The second type of phone service is Voice over IP (or VoIP). With VoIP, the analog sounds are converted to digital packets by the phone and then transmitted over a network to the receiving party where the data packets are converted back into sound, producing an exact replication of the original. As a result, VoIP is not susceptible to hiss, static or loss of volume, regardless of the transmission distance. However, VoIP is not without its limitations. Data circuits can become overloaded, experience slow throughput and send packets out of order. This overloading can cause conversations to sound garbled, exhibit one-way audio (where only one person can hear), or in extreme cases, drop the call altogether.

By purchasing both data and voice services from the same provider, you can essentially get the best of both worlds. That’s because a provider that supplies both data and voice services can prioritize voice traffic so that it is always transmitted first and with a higher priority than the data traffic, ensuring all packets arrive quickly and in their correct order. Plus, should your data circuit become overloaded or experience heavy activity, the voice traffic is preserved, even as your data traffic slows down, guaranteeing the best sounding voice calls possible.

* As a part of our merger in 2010, all references to "Speakeasy" have been replaced with "MegaPath."

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