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September 1, 2010
By MegaPath Marketing

Why the Communications Market is Embracing Services

I always enjoy sharing good news, and I'm especially pleased to share the details of today's news. The MegaPath, Covad, and Speakeasy merger has closed, and the creation of a next generation Managed Services Local Exchange Carrier (MSLEC) has begun. Of course this news excites everyone within our newly united company, and we are eager to explain the business of the New MegaPath. First off, I'm glad to confirm the new company will operate under the MegaPath name. Every industry has its pundits, and communications is no different. We heard some humorous name suggestions -- Megavadsy, Speak-o-path, Mega-easy-path -- all good tries, but the company name is definitely MegaPath. More importantly though, I do want to take a moment and confirm the purpose and plans for the New MegaPath. Our collective strength is important for customers and partners.

Craig Young, Chairman and CEO of MegaPath noted, "for too long in the telecommunications industry, customer service and reliability have taken a back seat. With the combination of MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy, we are bringing to market a leading nationwide IP network to deliver a complete line of end-to-end managed services, including voice, data and security. Small, medium and large enterprises will now benefit from a new service provider that is willing to invest in advanced services, while remaining heavily focused on customer service." Let's take this a step further. MegaPath operates one of the largest end-to-end communications networks in the country. Last week we celebrated a 10 year milestone of offering MPLS services over the MegaPath all-optical MPLS nationwide network. We know from working with customers and partners, in addition to running our MPLS network for 10 years, that the evolution of data transport is creating the perfect storm for smarter network traffic engineering. The customers, employees, partners, and suppliers who interact with your organization have come to expect that they can do so anytime and anywhere. Ultimately, your business has become your network. And this is where MPLS delivers real value. Because our customers need to balance business and operations issues in their IT budgets, increasingly these needs are bringing them to managed services and network-based solutions.

The New MegaPath benefits from:

Moving forward, MegaPath will serve the communications market through two divisions: a wholesale operating division, and a direct, business markets division. This combination is powerful because we can provide customers and partners with complete voice, access, private networking, and managed security solutions for business customers of all sizes. Bruce Chatterley, former CEO of Speakeasy, and now President of Business Markets, is quick to point out one thing that will not change is the high level of sales and customer support teams that customers and partners have come to depend on. For our 85,000 business customers and more than 4,500 partners, the new MegaPath is better positioned to meet your needs.

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